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Computer Repair and Services

We are thrilled with the community support we have experienced since opening our workshop space in January 2023. Our shop is a comfortable place to bring in your computer, have a cup of coffee, and get free diagnostic service. As part of our business model, education is very important to us, too. Showing our clients how to navigate their computers, fix common problems, and stay up to date on best practices against scams is simply a part of what we do.

While the majority of our computer service work is taken care of in our workshop, depending on many factors, we provide service at your home or business, too. We understand how it is easier for some of our clients to have their computer fixed in the comfort of their home without having to unhook everything and travel. For businesses, we are available to schedule an appointment to optimize and clean up staff computers during your workday, minimizing downtime.

If you need assistance, please text or call (434) 917-1990

What are you experiencing?

Read these symptoms, CLICK on one to see how we can help.


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I don't know if I need someone to look at my computer.

We schedule annual appointments with several clients to ensure their computers are safe and functioning properly. We first check for viruses, malware, and any hidden programs that may be remotely viewing your device. Next, we ensure your antivirus program is running properly or install one for you. Finally, we optimize things to try our best to improve the speed of your device.

I think I've been hacked or scammed.

If you have encountered a hack, immediately stop using your computer. This is especially true if you called a number and spoke with someone over the phone who may not have been from the business he or she was claiming to be (common examples include Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, Amazon, etc.)

Depending on the nature of the hack, software could have been installed on your computer that not only monitors everything you do but allows someone to control your PC without you even knowing. This could allow the hacker to get into your banking websites or place orders on Amazon and other sites. Again, shut down your computer immediately and call us to scan and hand check the files and programs on your computer for your safety.

My computer is so slow.

If your computer is slow, there are a number of things we can check and tweak toward making it faster. If your computer has recently become slower, it could be due to a virus or malware bogging down its resources. If you have had your computer for many years, we understand that they tend to slow with age as its hardware becomes less efficient. Before considering buying a new computer, let’s see if we can help first. Otherwise, we can also assist you in purchasing a new computer and transferring your files to your new one.

My computer won't connect to my printer or Internet router.

Printers and routers can be frustrating. You can experience problems with drivers, software, or conflicts with other things running on your computer. A site visit is usually best to resolve these issues since we need to fix the problem as it is currently faced on your home or office network.

My antivirus software keeps telling me my browsing is unsafe or not updated

Antivirus software is designed to block threats, but recently many of them have been annoying with their popups and notifications. We and check that your antivirus software is doing its job and set it to scan during times you are less likely to be using your computer so it doesn’t slow your experience down. We can also also uninstall inactive or expired antivirus software that may be slowing down your computer.

Popups are driving me crazy

Some popups are notifications within Windows that you may not find necessary. Others can be because of harmful malware. It is important to know the difference and scan your computer to make sure everything is safe. No matter what a popup window may say, NEVER CALL the provided number. Too many people have fallen victim to a scam thinking they were talking to a real support agent. Next time you see it, take a screenshot or photo using your cell phone and text or email it to me. That is a helpful first step in determining what we should do.

I have a virus.

Some viruses can be removed by performing a thorough scan, others need to be manually removed. Often, it takes more than one scan since not one antivirus program will usually find everything. When you have a virus, it is important to get your computer serviced quickly and refrain from using the computer. Some viruses can log and send sensitive data or even your keystrokes elsewhere on the Web, meaning a well crafted virus can capture your username and passwords to the websites your visit. Naturally, when you get a virus, stop using your computer, shut it down so further damage cannot take place in the background, and contact me.

My computer is talking to me and saying not to shut it down.

This is a common fake Windows Defender scam. Whatever you do, do NOT call the number provided. Trust me: it is a scammer. I have helped many clients remove this threat, but I prefer to do it before a scammer is able to swindle the client out of money through the purchase of digital cards, transferred bank account funds, etc. There is no harm in shutting down your computer or manually powering off your computer. The quicker the better, then contact me.