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The Big Picture

Your Domain Name is the address that takes users to your website. When we register one, we want to ensure it clearly describes your business and has keywords relevant to how people may be searching for the products and services you offer.

The Color Scheme and Logo you choose together form the personality of your site. You want your visitors to have a comfortable, inviting browsing experience.

The most important part of your site is Content. Images, text, video, and other features stand between your visitor and his or her decision to contact or visit your business. Too much content can be overwhelming. Send a clear, striking message.

Types of Pages to Consider

About Us

Here you provide an overview of your business and help your visitors understand what makes you different from you competition.

Contact Us

While many sites include a phone number and email address at the bottom or top of each page, having a page devoted for contact information is helpful if you desire to include a map, hours of operation, other forms of contact, social media links, etc.

Our Staff

If you have an awesome team, consider an Our Staff page with each person featuring his or her name, title, headshot image, and a brief description of qualifications. You want your visitors feeling they will be well taken care of as a customer.

Our Products/Services

Depending on how much detail you feel is required, a combined Products/Services page may be all you need. Or you may feel the need to have a page for Products and a page for Services. More involved websites sometimes break the content down into specifics categories or even individual items. Here is the key: How much information does your visitor need to know before contacting or visiting your business?

Our History

While some businesses sprinkle their history on the homepage or on an About Us page, a dedicated Our History page is preferred if you have a long established business. It has become a common practice addition for multigenerational companies as a way to showcase their years of expertise and passion for the products and services they provide.


Email Accounts

We offer G Suite email accounts because of their reliability, security, and ease of use.


(Website Security/Encryption)

An SSL is required for e-commerce sites, yet encouraged for all sites. It adds credibility and aids in search engine optimization. Google is prioritizing (in search rankings) sites that have an SSL over those that do not have one installed.


A professionally crafted video advertisement will capture the attention of your target audience quite effectively. Videos reach more people when shared on social media, too, and continue to grow in popularity. 

Content Writing

We’ve added the content writing service for those small businesses who need professionally written content that matches the desired tone of your site. With your target audience in mind, we can craft the narrative you need to drive sales and rank higher in search engines. 

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